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New masterplan for an industrial site in Ghent.

Year ︎︎︎ 2021
Phase ︎︎︎ Study complete
Surface ︎︎︎ 130.000m²

Located in the southern outskirts of the city of Gent, the Arsenaal Site
was the subject for a masterplan study. This large plot of roughly 13 ha is
dotted with numerous industrial buildings dating back to the XIX century
which were mostly used by the NMBS company for the maintenance
of their train and manufacturing railways. The ambition today is to keep
the productive aura of this large urban space but also to mix it with
other functions such as housing or educational facilities. In that way
the Arsenaal Site would almost become a piece of city within the city
while avoiding, however, being disconnected from it. In that sense the
masterplan seeks connection through prolongation of paths onto the
site and also connections with green areas around the site.

A study was conducted at scale of the buildings to determine the
historical value and possible adjustments in order to host new functions.
The result of this study was to settle guidelines for possible adaptations
for each building and propose a way to distribute all the requirements
for the new program over the whole Arsenaal Site.

Team ︎︎︎ ALTSTADT icw 51N4E
Client ︎︎︎ Revive, Baltisse