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ALTSTADT office for architecture 
T +32 (0)2 828 01 64
Kunstlaan 1-2 Avenue des Arts, bus 7
1210 Sint-Josse-ten-Noode, Brussels
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ALTSTADT is looking for an experienced architect (+5y). Dutch-speaking or French-speaking. Bilingualism is a plus. Interest in heritage or a heritage diploma is another plus. If interested, please send your portfolio to

We’re always interested in spontaneous applications.
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  • Mar. 2024: Paradisopraat: “URA+ALTSTADT: Herbestemming als motor voor nieuwe stedelijkheid”, at the Thomas More Hogeschool, Mechelen. 
  • Sept. 2023: “Building Pedagogy” talk in Liège, about our project for the renovation of the ULiège faculty.
  • Nov. 2022:  Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst, about designing with heritage. Studio  Like Bijlsma en Tim Peeters
  • Jul. 2022: Gare Maritime visit with SO:Gent
  • Jun. 2022: Seminar Brussels: A case study for the sustainable city. Invited by A+ arch@work
  • Nov. 2021: “Ceci est une restauration”, Restauratie & Monumentenzorg UAntwerpen
  • 2021: METRES CARRES lecture for bru:tecture - rewatch the lecture here
  • 2021: ACROSS lezing for A+, 23/3/2021 - rewatch the lecture here
  • 2020: TaDa toekomstatelier Workshop with Willem Jan Neutelings for children of Molenbeek at the Gare Maritime. 
  • 2020: Arcadia Patrimoine Industriel Revisité Visite avec expert La Gare Maritime
  • 2020:  Korei Trek erop uit in Brussel De Gare Maritime Tour & Taxis
  • 2019: Archiweek.  Guided visit to the Gare Maritime 
  • 2019: Impossible Talks. Roundtable at the start of the exposition “Impossible Design” Musee du design ADAM Bruxelles
  • 2019: Book launch A+278 Geleide rondleiding in de Gare Maritime.
  • 2019:  Brussels Biënnale of Modern Architecture Architects' houses. Nieuw woonplezier in een 19dee Eeuws pand Raadstraat Elsene. met Evelyne Van Haverbeke
  • 2018: Guest lecture BRU.S.L.XL studio @ Sint-Lucas Brussels
  • 2018: Restauratie en Meesterschap. Lecture for Archipel, Filmplateau Ghent.
  • 2017: Guest lecture on applications of concrete in restauration. University Hasselt, Faculty of architecture.
  • 2016: Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture.
  • 2016: Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture. Rondleiding door de Noord zuidverbinding, central station en het RTT gebouw
  • 2015: Seminar Circular Building Design, group Transform VUB.
  • 2015: Lecture at architecture week, faculty of architeture at VUB Brussel
  • 2014: Invited workshop regarding  “Postwar building materials” by VUB / WTCB.
  • 2014 Lecture at “I Am Architect”: on the project “Ieder Zijn Huis”. 




  • Dezeen Awards 2021 - Gare Maritime nominated in the category Rebirth Project
  • Brussels Architecture Prize 2021 - shortlisted in category Major Intervention
  • MIPIM Awards 2021 - laureate Special Jury Award for Gare Maritime
  • Europa Nostra - European Heritage Award for Gare Maritime
  • Belgian Building Award - Utility for Gare Maritime
  • Honorable Mention - Belgian Building Award - Circular Building for Gare Maritime
  • First Prize - Belgian Timber Award (BTCA) - Non-residential for Gare Maritime
  • Nominated - Real Estate Society (RES) Award 2020 for Gare Maritime
  • Nominated - Mies Van der Rohe Award 2022 for Gare Maritime
  • First Prize - Most Innovative Heatpomp for Gare Maritime
  • Finalist - ULI Europe Award for Excellence 2021 for Gare Maritime


... is the collaboration between Jan de Moffarts and Steven Bosmans, and as such the new name of JDMA. JDMA was founded by Jan de Moffarts in 2016, with the project for the restoration of the Gare Maritime at Tour & Taxis. Since 2018, he was joined by Steven Bosmans, one of the former principals at OFFICE KGDVS, as a conclusion of a period of occasional collaborations. Based in Brussels, they are working on diverse projects ranging from heritage reconversion to new construction.

As a collaboration and a studio, ALTSTADT seeks to combine a specific know-how in the restoration, reconversion and re-activation of historical buildings, with a skill, or perhaps obsession, for methodical and conceptually precise design. Heritage, as a built presence of the collective memory and therefore essentially public space, is a central theme but not a focus. The main ambition is making spatially precise, clear, and sensible projects, independent of the origins and scope of the project, with radicality and subtlety as alternating and mutually reinforcing intentions.

Within this framework ALTSTADT is working on projects and studies of all sizes and origins in Brussels and beyond, notably the restoration and extension of a historical rectory in Brussegem, a mixed-use industrial complex in Merchtem, the reorganisation of accesses to the Tour & Taxis park, the restoration of a castle near Namur,  the reconversion of the Vynckiersite in Gent and the competitions for several cultural centres in Brussels. Collaborations with other practices, such as URA, OUEST, 51N4E, NU architectuuratelier, ORG PER MOD, OFFICE KGDVS,…, as well as with academic institutions such as KUL and VUB, are an essential part in the web of activities. In these ALTSTADT alternates between the roles of designer and advisor.




Jan de Moffarts for Origin (selection)

  • 2014 - 2015: Kielpark Towers Antwerp. Renovation of 3 social housing towers. Competition. Client Woonhaven.
  • 2014 - 2015: Event hall complex of the Antwerp Zoo. Restoration and access for disabled people and events. 
  • 2013 - 2015: Former Post Office building Korenmarkt Ghent for AG real estate
  • 2013: Restoration and reconversion of Mercator Ortelius house Antwerp. Competition, first prize.
  • 2013: Feasibility study for the restoration and reconversion of Sint Janskerk Borgerhout.
  • 2012: Restoration Averbode Abbey. 
  • 2011: Police tower by Renaat Braem, Oudaan Antwerpen. Masterplan, facade renovation, fire safety, for Client AG Vespa
  • 2011 - 2015: Restoration of the rectorial building of Renaat Braem VUB, Ixelles. 
  • 2011: Het Steen. Antwerp. Masterplan and restoration strategy for “Het Steen” city castle. Competition, laureate. 
  • 2011-2015 Ieder Zijn Huis Renovation of a modernist housing tower by Willy Van Der Meeren

Steven Bosmans for OFFICE KGDVS (selection)

  • OFFICE 280: Brussels Beer Project, Brussels (BE). 2018-, Competition, 1st Prize. 
  • OFFICE 252: Citroën Pompidou, Brussels (BE). 2017 - 2018, Competition. 
  • OFFICE 227: Bridge (Tondo) for the Flemish Parliament, Brussels (BE). 2016 - …, Competition, 1st Prize,
  • OFFICE 176: Radio & Television Building (RTS), Lausanne (CH). 2014 - …, Competition, 1st Prize, Under Development.
  • OFFICE 167: Tower Pavilion, Antwerp (BE). 2014 - 2015, Competition, 1st Prize.
  • OFFICE 152: Incubator, Waregem (BE). 2013 - 2016, Competition, 1st Prize, Built.
  • OFFICE 119: Villa (Der Bau), Linkebeek (BE). 2011 - 2015, Built.
  • OFFICE 105: Renovation of Industrial Park, Anrhem (NL). 2011 - …, Under construction.
  • OFFICE 78: Architecture Library, Ghent (BE). 2010 - 2014, Built.
  • OFFICE 62: City Villa, Brussels (BE). 2008 - 2012, Built.
  • OFFICE 57: Tunnel & Dyke, Turnhout (BE). 2008, Completed.
  • OFFICE 51: 25 Rooms, Ordos (CN). 2008 - 2009, Project.
  • OFFICE 39: Villa, Buggenhout (BE). 2007 - 2012, Built.
  • OFFICE 17: 20 Rooms, Ghent (BE). 2005 - 2008, Project.


Jan de Moffarts
ir architect
+32 486 88 53 36

Jan de Moffarts (°1980) studied architecture at Ghent University and then specialised in urban planning at KULeuven. He started his career at Stéphane Beel in Ghent in 2005, and then worked as a project manager at Origin Architecture & Engineering. In 2016, he started his own practice JDMA with the Gare Maritieme project on the Tour&Taxis site. Jan de Moffarts has been a practitioner at VUB and KULeuven and the Sint Lucas Institute in Brussels and Ghent and is a welcome guest on juries and guest lectures. Jan de Moffarts is a member of the Royal Commission for Monuments and Sites in the Brussels-Capital Region and a director for Renovas.

Steven Bosmans
ir architect
+32 486 10 47 00

Steven Bosmans (°1983) studied architecture and urban design at the University of Ghent. Between 2007 and 2018 he was one of the principals at OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen, where he was responsible for various projects of all sizes. In 2018 he joined forces with Jan de Moffarts. He teaches architectural design at the UGent.



Michael Langeder
M. Arch

Clément Guérard-Ortelli
M. Arch

Zeynep Topcu
M. Arch

Dilara Tuygar
M. Arch

Elisabeth De Clercq
M. Arch

Griet Bronselaer
M. Arch, M.Sc Conservation of Monuments

Jascha Moors

Willem Willems

Tom Van Genechten

Former collaborators

Ivana Vasilijevic
Phaedra Berkvens
Albertina De Pelsmacker
Thibaut Boidin
Kjell Keymolen
Rutger Vanhoef
Karen Vannieuwenhuyze
Renata Radovanovic
Marie Porrez
Clémence Marchal
Fatme Hassan
Nadia Buelli
Tristan Leduc
Gabriel Vives
Maria Lahni