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Competition for the reconversion of the dining area and the castle of Bouchout in the Botanic Garden of Meise

Year ︎︎︎ 2020
Status ︎︎︎  Competition - 1st prize
Surface ︎︎︎ 2,800 m²
Budget ︎︎︎ 3,900,000 €


The assignment in the Botanical Garden consists of three sub-tasks. The first assignment consists of setting up the farm area as a public restaurant for 500 people and a picnic area. The second assignment is the restoration of the Castle of Bouchout. The castle will be made fully accessible and developed as an experience castle. Part of it will be laid out as a museum on the public route of the botanical garden. In addition, the castle will be equipped for MICE activities. The boundary between the public and the MICE area is flexible. In the competition proposal, the original roof on the main building will be reconstructed in relation to the roof gardens on the adjoining wings. The third part comprises the landscape that binds everything together. This is of course a central theme in the Botanical Garden and will also become an important layer in the architectural design.

Team ︎︎︎ ALTSTADT i.c.w. NU architectuuratelier, Archipelago, Plantenhoutgoed, Boydens Engineering, Studiebureau Mouton
Client ︎︎︎ Facilitair bedrijf