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Hôtel de famille

Refurbishment of a family mansion in Leuven.

Year ︎︎︎ 2021 - ...
Status ︎︎︎ Under construction
Commission ︎︎︎ Private


A city mansion in Leuven, home for two people. But sometimes, it becomes a home for twelve people. An hotel for the family, for the holidays. Our project consists of a series of punctual interventions, to make the house more liveable as confortable whenever inhabited by two, or more. Upstairs, the renovation of two bathrooms: one for the owners, one for the family. Their size and amenities reflect the future occupancy of each. Downstairs, a new heart for the home. A new kitchen, that is also a place of gathering before and during family dinners. A quiet room, as beautiful as it is practical. This kitchen opens directly to a new, large balcony, promontory above the garden. This balcony is a threshold, and connects the house to its garden. It leads to a terrace downstairs, a place of family reunion in the summer. A place to nap, and watch children play in the new natural pool. All of these delicate interventions are a fragile Ariadne’s thread between in and out, between gathering and isolating oneself.