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Project for a permanent access to the Tour & Taxis Park

Year ︎︎︎ 2018 - 2023
Budget ︎︎︎ € 180 000
Status ︎︎︎ Delivered
Commission ︎︎︎ Competition, 1st prize


The brief of this small competition asked for a pedestrian, cyclist and wheelchair-accessible connection between the monumental art nouveau “Pont du Jubilé” and the new Tour & Taxis park 9m below it. The winning proposal would replace a temporary scaffolding structure which had fulfilled this role for the last three years, since the opening of the park. After a site visit and a critical analysis of the brief we concluded that this connection could be easily realised with a slight adaption of the existing park terrain. The available budget for the project, which was estimated for a punctual architectural intervention, became available for a more extensive series of landscape interventions, with the purpose of finalizing the more or less accidental park layout. Remaining in line with the material vocabulary of the other sections of the park (gravel paths, stairs in recuperated blue stone) a series of lateral shortcuts are superimposed on the park’s existing longitudonal path system, crossing the park’s valley-like section (actually the ancient railway trench leading to the Tour & Taxis warehouses).



Team ︎︎︎ ALTSTADT, Landinzicht